Prayer Requests & Praises

Dear friends,

I have been blessed to receive countless notes, emails and expressions of care for our family since Chris passed away in October, 2009. The way the body of Christ has demonstrated such care has overwhelmed and humbled us. Your prayers for us have been the means of God sustaining us and helping us to see God’s evident kindness as well as proclaim His goodness to those around us. We are grateful beyond words for your intercession.

As our family presses on without Chris, we would love to have your continued prayers for me and my family. I do not know what lies ahead, but I know that God holds us securely in His hands. He is the One who calls and equips His people to live lives that overflow with His grace and bring glory to His name. This is my deepest desire…to see God’s glory magnified in the lives of His people. At the encouragement of many, many people, I will continue to write and speak of what the Lord has done, that others might find that the Lord God is true and worthy and faithful of all our trust and worship.

I know that I cannot do this, however, without your prayers, friends. Each day we must look to God’s Word and the Holy Spirit to help keep our eyes on Jesus and to empower us to live boldly for Him! I am excited about this opportunity I have with Fresh Grace to encourage believers to stand on the promises in God’s Word.

If you would like to partner in prayer for this new season for me and my children, I invite you to check this page often, as I will regularly post prayer requests and praise reports. Thank you again, for your intercession on our behalf. May you find the fullness of the riches in Christ in your lives, and know for certain that God is good…all the time!

Soli Deo Gloria,

Tracy and the Klickaclan

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