by tklicka on September 26, 2009

Dear praying friends,

It has been a long time since I have given you an update, and a lot has happened since the last one.  Right now we are at our national homeschool conference in Colorado Springs.  Chris has not been doing well for a few weeks now, but was feeling good enough and really wanted to come to the conference. We both knew that since he didn’t make any progress from the hyperbaric oxygen treatment that he most likely would not be working much longer for HSLDA.  So his desire in coming was two-fold: One, to make it possible for our children to have one last opportunity to see so many of the friends they have made over the years nationwide and two, have an opportunity for us to say goodbye ourselves to these dear homeschool leaders and friends. 

To give you a brief update on Chris’s health before coming this week:

  • He has been using an external catheter for about three weeks now; this has helped him sleep better at night and has helped us get more sleep as well
  • His temperature has continued to drop slightly, but we thought the rate was slow enough that we could make the trip just fine
  • His bladder has had difficulty working during the day and he has lost more since of feeling in the lower half of his body, but his bladder has been working fine while sleeping at night
  • His appetite has been good, but his bowel movements have been getting further and further apart, so he has been trying not to eat as much and yet keep up his energy
  • He hasn’t been able to walk or stand as much and so he has been able to use the pool little; he has not been to the chiropractor for about three weeks now and he has also stopped driving completely
  • His mental acuity has not been as good; he has had difficulty processing what people say, responding with little more than a short answer, and he can get distracted from a topic very easily

Hours later (originally contributed by Cathey Alberson, good friend from NM)…Chris is now in ICU. His temperature plummeted severely (86.6 degrees), but had been steadily declining all week long we think. At this point, Chris is not responding, his blood pressure is low, and in an effort to raise his temperature from severe hypothermia, his temperature is now too high (from using warming blankets). In addition, his oxygen levels are too low. He has both pneumonia and a severe bladder infection. Please pray for wisdom, no further damage, his stability and safety for the rest of the children traveling to be with their mom and dad in ICU (Bethany in MS, Megan in TN, and John–on the film set of HERO in NC).

Thank you for praying!


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