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by tklicka on May 23, 2011


Old Coupe de'Ville used on the set

One week ago today my youngest son John finished filming for A STUBBORN JOURNEY about the life of young Josh McDowell. God was so clearly with John the 10 days he was gone and gave him much grace for the challenging scenes and long days of filming and I am so very grateful he had this opportunity to be doing something he really loves. It sure is good to have him home though!

We are both praying now for all the post-production work that must be done but are anticipating a first-class docudrama to be forthcoming that God will use to reach a lot of hearts with the truth of the gospel and inspire people with Josh’s real-life story.


Acting is highly glamorized in our society today, and it’s true that many temptations present themselves to any who would live in the limelight of the big screen. It takes humility and a dependence on the grace of God to navigate the world of film in a way that doesn’t draw attention to the actor. They are only there to faithfully tell the story of another person, a character they spend significant amounts of time studying and a tremendous amount of energy and focus to portray with authenticity. These are just some of the things John and I talked about and prayed together for as he prepared to film for A STUBBORN JOURNEY. Our highest desire is that God would get all the glory!

John's day off, visiting the shore of Lake Michigan

No need to tell a "fish story" with THESE fish!

Sometimes the work on the set is especially hard. On day five of filming John had many hours of physical activity (mostly running up and down a hill many times), and it aggravated the tendonitis in his elbow and knees. He developed that two years ago because he used to help lift my husband
on and off his scooter and in and out of his car. As a result, when he does a lot of physical activity with his right arm it really starts to hurt. He didn’t let it distract him from his filming (he’s pretty brave for 13!), but it almost did. I had several people who were praying for him during the filming, and God sustained John both physically and mentally/emotionally.

Thankfully he got a day off Sunday before his last day of filming last Monday (his toughest scene). John went to church with our friend and John’s mentor/chaperone for the week Bobby Jacobsen, and then spent the afternoon with his buddy enjoying the beautiful scenery around Lake Michigan.  They even caught some pretty amazing-looking lake trout!


John developed a friendship with just about everyone on the set, including several non-Christians. On Saturday John called asking for prayer that some non-believers on the set who he had personally and individually invited to come with him to church the next day would actually come.
All but one said they would, and many followed through on John’s invitation!

I am so proud of John for not just caring about his filming job but also for caring about these crew members who don’t know the Lord Jesus. I would be grateful for your prayers that the friendships John made might continue in a way that would be used of God to draw these people to the Lord Jesus. John is turning out to be an evangelist just like his daddy was—Chris would be so proud of him!


Sitting in the airport for several hours last Tuesday waiting for John to fly in from Detroit where his plane was quite delayed, and having not one bit of influence over the weather, the flight schedules, the ATC people, and the agents who were assigned to keep watch over my son kept me on the edge of my seat, so to speak. I wasn’t anxious, but I did realize I was ready to jump up and do something the moment I felt like I needed to.

I was keeping instant in prayer throughout the afternoon, and God gave me His peace (to a point!), but I realized, however, that my faith is still small. This whole movie thing with John off on his own for 10 days in Michigan, though firmly believing God called him to this task, was still a big leap of faith for me. I think I skinned my knees that day jumping up on that mound of faith.

“For we do not have a high priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses, but Onewho in every respect has been tempted in all things as we are, yet without sin. Therefore, let us draw near with confidence to the throne of grace, so that we
may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.”
~Hebrews 4:15-16

The picturesque farm used to film A STUBBORN JOURNEY

This is the verse that came to mind that evening, once John was finally home all safe and sound. It reminded me that Jesus was not unacquainted with the trials we face in our lives, for He faced huge ones Himself. He does not despise us our times of doubt, for He wondered about God’s plan Himself at times, especially in the garden when He sweat great drops of blood when confronted with His own impending death and complete separation from His Father (He had never known this for all eternity).

This was a great comfort to me that evening. May God so remind you of His grace and tender disposition toward you in Christ if ever you face a trial or have a doubt that you chide yourself for having. We can draw near to the Lord in confidence, with the assurance the Lord intimately knows and promises grace and help. How very good is our God!


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