by tklicka on July 28, 2009

God’s Timing is Perfect, but We Need Your Prayers Right Now!

Dear praying friends,

The kids and I have been beaching it the last two days (wonderful fun & sun–thank You, Lord). While we’ve been able to make contact with Chris by phone the last three days, I haven’t been able, however, to post an update to this blog.

I confess that my heart has been impatient. Chris has been facing some special challenges at Miracle Mountain to keep up with treatment, and I sorely would have loved to share his needs on this site, knowing that you are actively and specifically praying.

I know too, that God’s timing is perfect. He is sovereign, and will never leave Chris or abandon him. He knows every need he has, and will give him all things that are good and needful for him, because Chris trusts in Him.

I LOVE this verse, “O taste and see that the Lord is good; how blessed is the man who trusts in Him! O fear the Lord, you His saints, for to those who fear Him, there is no want.”  ~Psalm 34:8-9

Right now, even this Tuesday evening, friends, I am asking you to pray for Chris for some VERY specific things. Chris has had such obstacles in getting treatment at Miracle Mountain that he is considering coming home early, as early as tomorrow even, and not finishing his treatment.

Many of us believe God wants him there to get this treatment, and Chris is not a quitter. He’s just really weary! He needs encouragement from the Lord, I believe, to press on. I don’t think he can unless some of these obstacles are answered. Would you please join me in praying for God to clearly lead Chris in whether He wants Him to stay at Miracle Mountain or to go home early, by answering our prayers for several needs he has?

The biggest obstacles for Chris right now:


A. HBOT Chamber
–He can go into the chamber feeling okay, and come out feeling completely wiped out and take two hours to recover.
Answer–The kind people at Miracle Mountain have totally broken protocol and are allowing Chris to get his daily treatment in the evening when it is cooler and he is getting treated by himself, which also keeps the unit cooler inside.
Prayer–Please pray that these evening treatments would be cooler and help Chris from being wiped out afterwards to he could finish his three-week course of treatment.

B. The Mobile Home
Need–The mobile unit is not cool enough to revive Chris very well. There’s only one window air conditioning unit.
Answer–The owners are trying to find and install ASAP another window unit in Joseph’s room which will keep the mobile home cooler overall. They are also going to install window blinds on the patio door so it will stay cooler during the day.
Prayer–Please pray that these measures would significantly help keep Chris cooler so he can move. Heat has the effect of paralyzing him.

2. Scooter!
–Chris’ scooter was sluggish before he left for Miracle Mountain, and Jesse drove an hour and a half to get a new set of batteries for the scooter before they both left out of town. This seemed to help, but only temporarily. Right now, the scooter just isn’t working. He can go a few feet very slowly, and then it just stops. Joseph has to push him around on the scooter everywhere. I found a scooter repair place in Winston-Salem that may be able to fix it (I’ll need to call first thing in the morning to see if they can repair it), but it is a two-hour drive away. 
Answer–If anyone in the Boone/Jefferson area has a scooter Chris could use, and/or if anyone in the Boone/Jefferson area (or even further away) could get his scooter to Winston-Salem to get his scooter fixed, this would be one less HUGE obstacle for Chris to overcome in getting his treatment. The scooter is his legs. The short-term solution is for the owner this evening to try and take a look at the scooter to see if he can fix it. He’s a bit of a handyman.
Prayer–That either Bob, who’s the owner, could fix the scooter, or God would provide someone who could lend Chris an electric scooter, and/or someone who could get his scooter in to Winston-Salem to get it fixed right away.

3. Mobility!
–Chris is feeling discouraged because he can’t swim or walk around the kitchen (we have very smooth Pergo in our kitchen Chris can slide on, which his mobile home does not have). He is losing the little mobility he has.
Prayer–That God would either grant him some means to get some kind of exercise while at Miracle Mountain or that He would supernaturally sustain him until he gets home.

I do not know what God’s final answer is. That’s okay. I can trust Him, even though it’s hard, to provide for my dear Chris, because he belongs to Him!

I also love these verses…

     I will lift us my eyes to the mountains,
     from whence shall my help come?
     My help comes from the Lord,
     Who made heaven and earth.
     He will not allow your foot to slip;
     He who keeps you will not slumber.
     Behold, He who keeps Israel
     Will neither slumber nor sleep.

I pray these verses for Chris:

     The Lord is your keeper;
     Nor the moon by night.
     The Lord will protect you from all evil;
     He will guard your soul.
     The Lord will guard your going out and your coming in
     From this time forth and forever.
                                            ~Psalm 121

You alone, are worthy, O Lord, to receive ALL praise!

Thank you for your fervent prayers,
Tracy, for Chris and the Klickaclan


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