Remembering His Cowboy Boots and Great Smile…

by tklicka on October 12, 2013

chris and tracy

I have so many images in my mind…thinking back to my college days:

  • a young, energetic, friendly guy with a dashing, sincere smile
  • the light in his eyes when he would talk about America, and freedom and values, and wanting to make a difference in the world
  • his sadness when he spoke of people he knew who didn’t know the Lord
  • the amazing energy he always seemed to have–he was always running everywhere he went on campus!
  • the way he would talk about the Scriptures when we met each week to read them together in our own personal Bible study–earnest, hopeful, full of faith
  • so many more images come to mind, too many to share here

Chris’s passion for life and for His Savior was contagious. He rallied me in my moments of doubt, helped me to understand God’s Word better (I didn’t become a Christian until I was 13, and his study of the Scripture in the Christian school he graduated from helped make him a better equipped to teach and apply the Word to his life). He fearlessly stood for truth; he didn’t back down, even when attacked by fellow classmates at Grove City College for being too narrow or uncompromising. I guess God used all these qualities to prepare him to be a pioneer and outspoken advocate in the homeschooling movement.

Even though some disagreed with his conservative, biblical views, Chris seemed to get along with everyone. He put others at ease because he was sincere, humble and down to earth. He never wanted to impress others or look great in the eyes of the world. He wanted to make Christ look great.

When we read the Scriptures together in our own personal Bible study each week on campus, I could tell he really believed in the words he was reading. Like me, Chris was willing to sacrifice for what he believed in, willing to work hard for what he believed in, even willing to die for what he believed in if it ever came to that.

I’m glad he didn’t have to do that. Even still, I miss looking out my dorm window at Grove City, waiting for Chris to come and get me, and then smiling as he came bounding around the corner in his western boots and jeans, a big grin on his face as our eyes met.

HAPPY 4TH ANNIVERSARY with our great Savior, Jesus, dear Chris! I look forward to the day when I too, will get to be in the presence of my Lord, the One I love most and forever!

“Fight the good fight of faith; lay hold on eternal life, to which you were also called and have confessed the good confession in the presence of many witnesses.” ~I Timothy 6:12



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