by tklicka on October 10, 2009

Dear praying friends,

We would be so grateful for your prayers right now for our daughter Megan. She is scheduled to fly out of Atlanta at 6:55 into Denver, but the weather is bad here (icy, 22 degrees). The flight out has already been postponed until 8:30pm, but they may need to postpone it longer.

If there are no further delays, she will now not arrive until 10pm, and it’s a 2 hour drive in less than optimal road conditions (my trip up to Denver to pick up Ben & Bethany this morning took an extra 45 minutes because the roads were icy).

Megan is trying to get here before her dad passes away, and we know this would be VERY hard for her is she misses him (Chris took a distinct and definite turn for the worse this morning).

Please pray for the following:

1. That God might miraculously clear up the weather in Denver, allowing Megan to fly out here sooner, rather than later

2. That she would not get stuck in the Atlanta airport overnight (She’s all by herself; is this not a mother’s nightmare?)

3. That Chris would hold on until Megan can get here and that she would be able to connect with him on a real level.

4. That Chris’ breathing will not be so labored that we’d have to put him on Morphine to smooth it out. It has been very labored on and off today. Once on Morphine, he will not be able to engage with any of us, including Megan.

5. That God will grant safety and good road conditions tonight for Bob Farewell (in a good 4-wheeler, pick-up truck), who is bringing Megan back to the Springs.

6. That I might not be anxious for Megan or Bob (okay, I already am); that I might keep my eyes fixed on my Lord in all of this and trust that His timing is perfect and He is holding everything together!

7. Some of our other children are agitated; I think they sense my concern and are also concerned–it just looks to me, however, like fussy irritability, garbed in teenage vocabulary, and I’m having a little trouble being patient with them.

THANK YOU for praying for us!!!

God IS good…ALL the time,
Tracy, for Chris and the Klickaclan


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