by tklicka on October 22, 2009

Dear praying friends,

We had a short but incredibly wonderful visit with my parents the last 24 hours as we are making our journey toward home (in an RV I have f ound to be pretty easy to drive; thank You, Lord!)

After spending about an hour learning everything there is to learn about our rental RV in Denver on Monday, then watching our RV Center attendant drive it up to the curb, I immediately thought, “What on earth was I thinking? Have I completely lost my mind? How will I ever be able to drive this 29ft. monster?”

As Mr. Martin and I walked around the vehicle while he noted every little nick and scratch down on his form, I realized in horror that every little mark I make on this vehicle will be duly noticed when I return it to Charlotte in five days (they weren’t marked on the paper, you see!) “Oh, Lord, have mercy on me, and grant that I might get this vehicle to the drop-off location in one piece!”

 About 30 miles into our trip, I finally remembered to breathe. “Oh yeah, this isn’t so bad. The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want. He leads me beside still waters (thankfully not INTO them with the RV!)

If you’re reading this journal entry and are wondering if I’ve completely lost my marbles, I need to let you know that my God is the author of laughter, and gives the gift of a merry heart along w ith the gift of tears. He stores all our tears in His bottle (Psalm 56:8). Not one of them is wasted. I certainly have had many sad moments today.


I shed tears…
–when I went this morning to the HEAV website page set up for Chris and saw his beautiful face smiling at me from the computer screen;
–when I received surprising news of Chris being honored in a very special future dedication;
–when I thought about pulling into our driveway later this week for the first time in five weeks, and knowing that Chris will never be there again;
–when learning that last Sunday someone put flowers on the wood chair at church that Chris used to help him walk from his seat to his parked scooter each Sunday, especially when a good friend shared he got choked up when he saw the flowers there;
–and when, on one of our stops on our journey home, I gave my teary-eyed grandfather in Tulsa (the last great grandparent our children have) a kiss on the cheek as he made ready to leave my parents’ house to be taken back to the nursing home five minutes away, saying good-bye to him and realizing that the kids and I will probably never see him again in this life.

I am thankful for every tearful moment, knowing that they are gifts from a loving, heavenly Father, who reminds us that there is more to this life than this life.

In fact, the sadness we experience in this life is only a little taste of how utterly horrible eternal separation from God is for those who die without putting their full belief and trust in Jesus’ death on the cross for their sins.

And for us who rest in His finished work on our behalf, all our earthly sadness is only “momentary, light affliction which is producing for us an eternal weight of glory FAR BEYOND ALL COMPARISON.” (II Cor. 4:17)

I am also thankful, however, for the funny, almost hilarious moments along this journey, for they, too, are a gift of God, given by His loving hand when he deems it appropriate. (Psalm 126:2) All glory to His name!

The best part about BOTH the tears and the laughter is that in both moments, God is still good, and is worthy of our trust and praise.

So, who knows what awaits us as we “hit the road” again tomorrow? I am praying that, concerning the RV it will NOT involve tears. :o)

And if we find ourselves bursting out with laughter and joyful songs down the road, I pray we will not shrink back from the weeping the Lord brings as we continue to miss our dear daddy and husband.

Whether in tears or in laughter, because God is with us and for us, it’s all good.


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