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by tklicka on July 30, 2011

I’ve been listening to Sara Groves’ music for many years now. From her first CD, Conversations (my favorite), which captured so well in song a picture of a believer’s journey with the Lord, through both times of faith and times of doubt, to her many of her other CDs which speak of the gift of family, godly legacy and the beauty of a sincere, open-hearted faith, she has written some of the best ballad music for the people of God.

One of my very favorite songs, Hiding Place, is a very good picture of my life these past 20-plus years, as I have journeyed with the Lord through times of doubt and fear and walked through the valley of death almost two years ago. I thought I would share it with you, with a desire that God might deeply minister to you out of its truths. This is the first YouTube video I’ve ever made, using photos which I took last year on a trip to Scotland.

May the Lord be your Hiding Place,



HIDING PLACE, by Sara Groves

Early when the day is new
Before the stirring
I will come and talk to you
And confess the ways I am broken
To recall the words you’ve spoken
And to try to comprehend
The love you have for me


You are my hiding place
You fill my broken heart with songs
Songs of deliverance
You sing of how the weak are strong

You never meant for me to walk alone
You are always for me
As the truest lover of my soul
You hear my desperate calling
You have kept my feet from falling
And have set me on this rock on which I’m stand now

And I believe you
For you’ve saved me from my darkness and my shame
And I believe you
For I hear your song of beauty o’er the pain



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