by tklicka on April 4, 2011

Dear friends,

It has been a long five weeks since I’ve last posted anything. So much has been happening—including, but not limited to getting our house of almost 20 years ready to put on the market—I literally haven’t had any time to write. It is now about 50 gallons of paint, 15 rooms of new carpeting and new linoleum, new light fixtures and faucets and landscape timber, with 300 boxes of books (from 21 bookcases) and some furniture placed in storage later, and our home is officially on the market now just over two weeks!

Looking back over the hundreds and hundreds of hours of work, including three all-nighters for me and my daughter Charity—this sweet girl refused to go to bed when I needed to stay up all night—and even an all-nighter for all my kids the night before the house went on the market, I see how God super-infused us all with His grace and power for this monumental task. We could not have gotten done all we did without His empowering us. I give much praise to my Father for helping us get this far!

“May your deeds be shown to your servants,
   your splendor to their children.

 May the favor of the Lord our God rest on us;
   establish the work of our hands for us—
   yes, establish the work of our hands.”
~Psalm 90:16-17

Bringing just the right buyer for our home and soon (we hope) is His job; we are praying He would bless the work of our hands, even as He has shown us His great deeds on our behalf. Anyone who has seen our home in the last several years and could see it now would testify that nothing short of a miracle has taken place!

From these last several weeks God has taught me some great lessons about leaning hard on the Lord and letting Him hold you up when you feel like your body is about to collapse in exhaustion. He’s shown me that when He calls you to a task, He will most certainly equip you with the grace you need to carry out that calling. He is faithful to finish what we ourselves could never do in our own strength!

He’s also let me see just how tremendous my children are. My love and deep appreciation for them has grown as I’ve seen them put their hands to doing things (with the help and training of friends) that they’ve never done before. Hearing that my 13-year old son John learned how to install a bathroom faucet and a toilet tank and then later remark to me, “Mom, if you need any plumbing work done, I’m your man!” made me broadly smile with deep pride in my “little man.”  I couldn’t help but marvel, watching my just-turned 17-yr.-old daughter Susanna learn how to be an electrician as she bravely and successfully installed a range hood, a bathroom light fixture and several outlets and light switches, all without shocking herself!

The only one who is shocked is me; I am just simply amazed at what my kids have done, and how they have worked with perseverance (so like their daddy) and cheerfulness, even though they know that all this work will most likely mean selling our house and leaving the only home they’ve ever known. They have shined brightly for the Lord these last several weeks, looking to Him for His grace and have found Him to be faithful. I could not be more proud of them; how grateful I am for their love.

We glory in the kindness and wisdom of God, who gives us moment-by-moment grace for the journey ahead.

May God, who gives generously to all who ask, grant you strength and grace for your journey ahead.

Praising Him for His faithful love,



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