by tklicka on July 22, 2009

Dear praying friends,

Okay, perhaps my contact with Chris isn’t as important as NASA’s contact with Apollo 11 that most famous day in space history when we landed and walked on the moon for the very first time, but nevertheless, it was very special for me!

Alice with Miracle Mountain did get back to me yesterday finally with a phone number for Chris’ mobile home location, and then put me on the phone with Chris directly from the center as he had just come out of the HBOT unit for his 2nd treatment on the first day (he has two HBOT sessions a day, six days a week).

What a relief to finally hear Chris’ voice. I wasn’t worried about him; I just needed to know that he was feeling okay with everything down there. He admitted being disappointed about not having internet yet, but shared the good news that they might get it working TODAY rather than Friday. He sure is looking forward to being in touch with the world again!

Joseph sounded pretty good for being the “man of the hour”. He has so much to do each day to help Chris, but is taking it all in stride.

Chris said Joseph’s had a wonderful attitude about it all. They even watched FIREPROOF last night and are planning on watching COME WHAT MAY in the next day or so (with Joseph being in a missionary family in the DR, they don’t get to watch hardly any movies, so in a way, being up here is a treat for him).

On a final note, while it’s too early to tell how the HBOT is helping Chris, he did say that he felt better yesterday already, even though it was just day 1, so thank you for praying…keep on!

Praise for today–We thank our Lord that:

     ~we have a phone number now to reach Chris at his mobile home unit
     ~though it was a bit tricky actually getting into the chamber, he was feeling better even on the first day
     ~he may get internet access in the mobile home as early as today rather than two more days from now
     ~he sounded pretty upbeat last night (he admitted to asking God, “Why did I come down here? What on earth was I thinking anyway? This is crazy, God!”)
     ~some of the kids got to say a big “Hi!” to their dad; he was so grateful to hear their voices

Prayer for today–We ask for the Lord’s help that:

     ~Chris will be able to get in and out of the HBOT chamber more smoothly (the unit is large–can fit up to 10 people inside–but you have to step up into the doorway; Chris can’t really step at all, let alone step up!)
     ~internet access will get set up quickly
     ~Joseph won’t be overwhelmed by the multiple tasks he has each day, from transporting to/from the treatment center (they are a mile and a half away so Chris can really use the scooter to get there every day, twice a day), to
preparing all the food, to  rooming/bathing/dressing needs, to laundry and errand running…
     ~that the oxygen will start working in clearly observable ways for Chris
     ~that Chris’ testimony of his life in Christ will bless and encourage others there at the clinic
     ~God would give me grace and wisdom in helping some of the kids who are having attitude struggles (it’s probably tempting for them not having their dad here to help lead in this area)
     ~we would use this time being apart to search our hearts, seek the Lord, and be in His Word more

Thankful for the Cross,
Tracy, for Chris & the Klickaclan


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