by tklicka on August 4, 2009

Dear praying friends,

We arrived at Miracle Mountain Sunday afternoon while Chris was receiving his daily HBOT treatment. The children and I had a wonderful time of prayer for Chris and Joseph, and we asked God to help us be a blessing to them, especially to Chris.

Upon arriving, we discovered that the Richardsons, a homeschooling family in the area, had brought by a delicious meal for Chris still warm, so the food I brought to prepare a dinner I put away for another day for Chris and Joseph.

We got some laundry started for Chris and put away supplies and food we had brought with us. It felt good to be able to be here and start doing some things to help out and surprise Chris when he came back from HBOT.

God moved on Charity’s heart to completely clean out and reorganize the refrigerator and make a salad, and Susanna helped me prepare in other ways for the dinner meal. Amy made her dad fresh vegetable juice, and John helped with cleaning during and after dinner prep. I am so thankful for the wonderful attitudes the children had and praise God for their tremendous help!

The girls also made some colorful signs to put around the house of encouraging Scripture verses for their daddy.

When Chris got back from HBOT, he was very encouraged to see us. He looked good; his skin coloring and overall appearance looked very good. His energy level seems good as well. He did share while we were there, however, how he felt like he was losing something every day during treatment.

With not being able to get in to the chiropractor, he was missing the benefits of regular adjustments (he helps Chris with many things including proper functioning of organs, plus greater mobility, and mood regulation).

In addition, the tremors or shakes Chris started having a few days earlier have not gone away. His temperature is fluctuating but is always on the low side. The lower it is, the harder it is for him to function. He expressed difficulty holding a utensil to eat or using the keyboard on the computer.

Without the benefit of his therapy pool at home and the set up at home to try to exercise by walking a little, his mobility is greatly impeded. I believe he will be able to work on building this back up when he comes home, but it looks to Chris like he’ll never be able to do these things again.

He was naturally very preoccupied with and affected by how he was feeling, but still tried to engage with the children, asking them some questions about their trip this past week. He also shared how he is going to start a medical treatment of low dose Naldextrone as soon as he can get the compounding prescription. LDN has apparently been helping people with auto-immune diseases, including MS.

We spent the night Sunday (I don’t think any of us slept great–kids on the very hard floor, etc.), but no one complained; God was with us.

Yesterday, as we started a new day I prayed with the children for Chris and made a big breakfast late in the morning. Chris and I talked about whether or not he should try to stay and finish the treatments. I am not in his body and so don’t have to live with the symptoms he is experiencing.

I could only ask him what he felt he had faith for, staying and finishing the course or not, and come home early. When we left to come home, I felt that Chris would probably make the decision to leave early. He was just that discouraged by his symptoms, and the net effect of our visit made him miss home even more I think.

So today, he and Joseph are preparing for the trip home. Please pray that God would keep them safe on the road (I recommended Joseph do all the driving and let Chris rest; Chris will probably want to help drive, but I don’t think this would be wise for him).

We have no idea what to expect when Chris gets home–I am somewhat anxious at how we will be able to help him with the increased physical needs he has from his lack of exercise and advancing MS symptoms. We’ve had counsel to start considering home health care, but Chris has not been ready for this. We long for God’s leading and wisdom in making decisions regarding Chris’ health needs!

Chris would love to continue pressing on as though the MS isn’t getting worse. We would love to believe that God was going to turn all this around and bring healing and restore Chris. We do not know His mind or plan, but I believe everything He does will be for our good, however difficult the plan is. May the Lord give us grace to trust and believe in His goodness through all this!

Praise for today–we thank the Lord that:

1. We had a good visit with Chris
2. Joseph was doing remarkable job helping Chris; he was staying on top of all the details and needs with efficiency, cheerfulness, and a steady disposition
3. Chris was encouraged by our arrival
4. The children were so helpful and worked very hard at being cheerful for their dad, and tried to encourage him with hugs and smiles and Scripture signs

Prayer for today–we ask the Lord that:

1. He would protect Joseph and Chris as they prepare and make the journey home
2. He would help us prepare for their arrival
3. He would help us be able to help Chris with his increased physical and emotional needs, especially in the absence of our strong Jesse (he’s gone until late next Monday)
4. He would guide my plans this week with Chris coming home early. I am scheduled to attend a Worship Conference this Weds. night to Sat. noon (I serve on the Worship team and direct a homeschool choir, for which this conference is tremendously helpful; my heart was also greatly refreshed in the Lord through the extended times of worship and  ministry when I attended for the first time last year–I would love to be able to go this year; it’s really up in the air depending on Chris’ health and needs). If I can’t go, may the Lord help me to press on with His supernatural joy!
5. He would give much grace to the children this week with dad coming home; they had made some plans to do some fun things this week which are also in question now with dad coming home
6. He would be our joy and strength!
7. He would give Chris a smooth transition back into home life; that Chris’ expectations would be realistic (I imagine the physical swimming, walking, etc,  is going to be harder because he’s been away from this for two+ weeks)
8. He would help us to cast all our anxieties on Him, for He cares for us!
9. He would give direction and wisdom for Chris’ health needs and whether or not we should pursue looking into home health care soon (I don’t think Jesse, when he gets home, will be able to sleep with or near Chris every night from now on as Chris needs help every night getting in and out of bed)
10. We would be able to fight for joy in the Lord and encourage each other to do so  (I am especially burdened for the children in this area)!

“Incline Thine ear, O Lord, and answer me; for I am afflicted and needy. Do preserve my soul, for I am a godly man; O Thou my God, save Thy servant who trusts in Thee. Be gracious to me, O Lord. For to Thee I cry all day long.

Make glad the soul of Thy servant, for to Thee, O Lord, I lift up my soul. For Thou, Lord, art good, and ready to forgive, and abundant in lovingkindness to all who call upon Thee.”  ~Psalm 86:1-5

God IS good…all the time,
Tracy, for Chris and the Klickaclan


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