by tklicka on September 27, 2009

Dear friends,

Thank you for keeping Chris and our family in your prayers. We got through last night relatively well by God’s grace.

Quick update on Chris:

1. Vital signs are and have been stable for over 12 hours now. We are especially thankful his blood pressure is up. It was critically low. His temperature, which was at a life-threatening 85.6 got up to 96.6, which, while not life threatening, is completely debilitating for someone with advanced MS like Chris. It was around 91 when we left last night which is much better for him.

2. Chris has two infections, both of which, combined with the MS, have put him into a critically ill state. First, is a urinary tract infection. This has responded well as of last night to antibiotics. Thank the Lord! Two, he has pneumonia. While it is not a severe case for normal healthy people, it is very serious for Chris.

3. He had to be on oxygen 20% midday, but as the afternoon progressed, they continued to up that to 100% and finally had to resort to using a Bi-pap machine, which is a mask that forms a seal on the nose/mouth area and pumps oxygen into the lungs. By last night, his oxygen levels had come up, and held steady so that they could remove the Bi-pap machine.

He came very close to having to be put on a ventilator if the Bi-pap machine failed to get his oxygen levels up. This is a serious step to take, and not one to make lightly. We are thankful the doctors did not have to do that.

Concerning interceptive measures, Chris and I talked quite a bit in the last two months about what he would like to have done and what he would not want done should the need arise to visit this issue. Chris, who was never one to want a lot of medical intervention, decided that he did not want to be artificially prolonged.

If the doctors had told us, however, that they needed to put him on a ventilator, even though Chris said he did not want to, I would have asked them to do it. I would have done so only so that our children could be with their daddy one last time.

Chris is close to going home to Heaven we believe. He is fairly unconscious, non-responsive and has had no nutrition since Thursday except hydration and electrolyte and glucose supplementation.

He is not stable or responsive enough to move from the ICU unit here at St. Francis Medical Center in Colorado Springs. With almost complete certainty, he will not be coming home to Virginia.

Because of this, we flew Bethany, Megan, and John out here to be with their daddy. Chris’s parents just flew in early this morning. In addition, our family life pastor is flying in today at noon.

We don’t know how much time we have left with Chris, but we believe it is not long. As a family, we all knew that Chris was getting worse; we just didn’t expect him to be getting ready to go home to be with his Abba Father quite this soon. We are all at peace with whatever God has planned, knowing that because He is there, it is still good.

Thank you for your prayers as we prepare and spend our last days and hours with Chris. May they be filled with many precious moments and sweet fellowship with him!


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