by tklicka on September 29, 2009

Dear praying friends,

As I write this hopefully short entry giving an update on Chris’ health, my heart is so full. There is no situation God brings us into that His love and kindness won’t be there in full measure.

My heart aches for what I know will be just a little time left with my dear husband and father to our precious seven children, YET, I know the Lord is with us. His comfort is so very real, and the body of Christ here in Colorado Springs is an incredible and beautiful picture of His love for us. We feel tightly wrapped up in His arms.

A quick update:1. Chris continues to hold steady in his vital signs and temperature. His liver test yesterday came back normal instead of abnormal like the day before. His urine and lungs look and sound clearer.

2. The stability of these things made it possible to move Chris by ambulance into home hospice care near the hospital, at the home of a wonderful Christian family we know. They are generous, gracious, and oh, so kind to make this move possible.

3. We have nearly all our immediate family with us now–Bethany & Ben, Megan & Brendan (he had to fly back today), Jesse, Susanna, Charity and Amy, plus Chris’s parents, my parents (they had to fly back today also, as my 97-yr.-old  grandmother, who also was just moved into hospice care Monday, has only a few days yet to live).

We’re just waiting for our son John and a dear friend of mine to arrive in the morning. Though he wasn’t able to finish the last three days of his filming, John is going to be with his daddy one last time, which is what the film is all about–fathers and sons being together.

4. We have had opportunities to share and receive the love of Jesus with the staff from St. Francis Medical Center. We’ve been astounded at how many believers God put in our midst to provide Chris not only excellent medical care, but also spiritual encouragement.

A very touching moment came when our attending physician (who’s been with us since we arrived at the ER last Friday) asked if he could pray with Chris and our family! I feel not only a very deep gratitude for this doctor, but also a special kinship in Christ.

I have so much to share, so many stories of how God is in Chris’ last work and ministry (just by God preparing to bring him home), but it will have to wait until I have more time.

For now, I want to say THANK YOU to all who have loved us near and far, who have prayed for us, and who have fought to trust in God’s sovereign love and goodness in all this.

Chris would give the very biggest thank you if he could…his love and appreciation for the homeschooling families he has served for 24 years with HSLDA is very great. And I am convinced as well, if Chris could share one last thought it would be this:

If you do not know the lovingkindness of God in sending His Son to die for our sins, may He give you the gift of faith and trust in Jesus’ finished work on the cross for you.Because of your prayers for us we are not doubting for even a moment that the mantle of sadness we carry today will be turned to joy, in part very soon when Chris finally receives the reward of His faith…to see Jesus face to face and be with Him forever, and one day completely when we, his family, shall join him and receive the reward we also long for!

With gratitude and affection for you, and high praises to our great and loving God,
Tracy, for Chris and all the Klickaclan

“In every trial and loss, my hope is in the Cross, for Your compassion never fails.”


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