by tklicka on January 27, 2011

Dear friends,

I’ve been hearing about a lot of deaths lately–an elderly woman in a friend’s church; the father of longtime friends of ours in New England; a fellow momblogger’s friend whose mother-in-law died in a car crash and whose husband was the policeman on the scene of his own mother’s accident.

No matter who it is that dies, or how and when it happens, death is just plain ugly. As eternal beings created in God’s image, we were made to live forever. Yet death can never be avoided, not indefinitely anyway. As Chris used to say when sharing the gospel in the back of a taxi with the driver, or on a plane next to a fellow passenger (notice how he used opportunities to bring life to captive audiences?), “You know, statistics reveal that 10 out of 10 people die.”

While this might bring a smile to some faces, those walking through the death of a loved one are faced with the deepest pain we can experience. There is no escaping it, but there is a way to grieve with hope.

Chris so loved the Lord and our family too, with him. Knowing that Jesus Christ died in our place for our sins so that we might have life doesn’t remove the necessity of death, but it does give us such great hope for this next, our eternal life with our great Savior!

 I got to attend Josh Harris’ church Covenant Life last Sunday with Megan and our kids (even Ben & Bethany joined us). It was so good for us to be there that particular Sunday. They had just lost two of their parishioners earlier that week (one, a godly dad about Chris’s age, who contracted Lou Gehrig’s disease just a year and a half ago, and the other, a young godly woman of 19 who had an unexpected brain hemorrhage just a month ago).

 In addition, Josh and his wife Shannon just lost her sister-in-law a week ago, so death is so very fresh and real to Josh. His sermon in light of these deaths and his own mother Sono’s death last July was a powerful testimony to Christ’s triumph over sin and death. You could tell Josh was quite overcome by all the loss (visibly puffy eyes, sorry Josh, and voice breaking at times), but his message rang out boldly affirming the truths of Scripture. Everyone will die, but Jesus has come to save us from the second and eternal death!

This message is well worth listening to, so I’ve included the link. Come, all who mourn yet hope in God.

Death Shall Be No More, January 23, 2011


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