by tklicka on July 16, 2009

Dear praying friends,

We are asking for prayer for us this week and the next month as Chris embarks on a trip to NC this Sunday to a clinic called Miracle Mountain to participate in a 3-week clinical treatment of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT).

We have already been using a home hyperbaric oxygen chamber for over two years now, but it is not the same saturation and pressure as the professional, hospital-grade chambers that clinics use.

We hope that by his use of clinical HBOT treatment these next three weeks, he’ll see improvement to the MS symptoms, and then be able to maintain that level of improvement from home using our HBOT chamber.

We heard about Miracle Mountain from longtime missionary friends, the Antonio’s early this year, as they themselves took their daughter, who has long-term complicated neurological health issues, for over 2 months of treatments there.

They sent us a lot of information and after considering it, decided that we just didn’t think something like this would work logistically or financially (it is very reasonably priced for what you are receiving, but still very expensive).

However, after Chris’ car accident last year, he has had such an increase in symptoms. In addition, a failed prednisone treatment earlier this spring has persuaded us to revisit the possibility of his going down there. We believe it is worth a try, and the timing is just right.

Our oldest son, Jesse will be in Colorado (also leaving this Sunday for three weeks) working and camping with homeschooling friends there. God has provided a helper for Chris in the Antonio’s own son, Joseph, who not only has weeks of experience at the clinic while helping his parents with his sister, but also is a strong man with a godly, servant’s heart!

He is a direct answer to our prayers! We are so encouraged by his desire to help Chris.

We know that there a lot of details to be covered in preparation still, as well as a great learning curve for Joseph. In addition, Chris is used to his children and I helping him with all his needs, and he is a little anxious about being a burden on Joseph.

Our immediate prayers and praise for this week are for the following:

1.  Praise that Joseph Antonio, the oldest son of some longtime missionary friends of ours who will be Chris’ helper for the three week clinic period, is scheduled to fly in tomorrow evening. We didn’t get a frequent flyer ticket for Him, but are thankful we got a ticket at all at this late date.

2.  Praise that Miracle Mountain has a definite opening for Chris with lodging on the premises. That will make it easier for him to get around the three weeks he will be clinically treated with hyperbaric oxygen.

3.  Prayer that I can get the final paperwork & reports needed for Chris to go

4.  Prayer that we can get all the preparation done for his travel needs (food, laundry, etc.), and all that they’ll need to keep up with this while away; they do have a 24-hour super Walmart down there about 25 mins. from Miracle Mtn. for shopping

5.  Prayer for Joseph’s adjustment to our family and particularly to Chris and his needs this weekend (that he would feel comfortable with all of this, and feels God’s helping him for this task)

6.  Prayer for Chris, peace of mind, and not worrying about a “stranger” helping him (Joseph is certainly no stranger, but Chris has primarily relied on the children and I to meet almost all of his needs)

7.  Prayer for all the details to go smoothly in getting Chris ready to drive out on Sunday with Joseph, and Jesse to fly out this Sunday for 3 wks.

8.  Prayer that God would help me keep my eyes on Him in helping my family (there are so many needs and I often feel very inadequate to meet them

9.  Prayer for God to bring rest and healing to Chris while he is at Miracle Mountain, and also for all the kids while Chris is on this trip (they are weary from a long and difficult spring, and need reminders once again that God is sovereign AND good)

10. Prayer that God would use this time of separation to work on all our hearts and show us how we have not trusted Him as we should, have forgotten that He is good, have actively worked on self-preservation, rather than leaning on God for everything!

11. Prayer that God would use this time of separation to knit our hearts closer to Him and consequently closer to each other

12. Prayer that God would be highly magnified in our eyes through all of this, and that others would be encouraged as they journey through this experience with us!

Thank you for your prayers!

Tracy, for Chris and the Klickaclan


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