by tklicka on July 18, 2009

Dear praying friends,

Well, I’m still getting the hang of writing journal entries. After spending the last 30 minutes writing one, I found it got deleted before I had a chance to save it so I’m starting all over again… We prayed that Joseph would arrive safely and not be overwhelmed by his arrival and God heard our prayers! Jesse and I went to Reagan National Airport this evening to pick up Joseph so that we could get to know him a little better on the way home and fill him in on Chris’ daily routine.

Joseph jumped right in asking questions and sharing some funny stories about his flights here (he had to take three from Minnesota). On one flight, he thought he was sitting next to a terrorist or a lunatic. The man near him was acting strange and very erratic. At one point, he was even making random hand signals to an unknown person in the back of the plane!

Joseph prayed for God to give him peace (others seated around this man were quite concerned as well), and he finally guessed the man had to either be on drugs or drunk.

The fact that Joseph shared this story with complete composure and even a little chuckling (he did confess that his stomach was upset for a while) encouraged me that Joseph can remain calm in a crisis–God has picked out just the right person to be Chris’ helper these next three weeks!

This is good news! Not that we anticipate a crisis happening, but we know there is the potential for special needs to arise for Chris. Knowing Joseph has helped care for his sister with special needs AND seeing him respond to the crazy man on the plane with a calm trust in the Lord is evidence of God’s grace at work in Him!

Meanwhile, Chris is getting the jitters. Everything about this trip feels very much out of his comfort zone, and it is easy to start imagining all the problems that could arise. Chris even said this evening he was considering cancelling the trip altogether as he felt like it was going to be too much.

He has been out of his comfort zone so many times it’s easy to underestimate his natural concerns about this venture. Your prayers are really appreciated that God would help him stay the course and trust Him for all the details. May the Lord give him the peace that passes understanding as he looks to the Lord for everything.

Other needs for the next 24 hours include:

~all the last minute shopping for items and food for the first week down there would get done
~Joseph to not be anxious about all that he has to learn in the next 24 hours
~Chris to not be anxious for Joseph or the living situation and treatment arrangements at Miracle Mtn. (M.M.)
~the chest x-ray report could get to our doctor for his review and approval (needed on file at Miracle Mtn. for Chris to get treatment)
~we are considering bringing another young man with Chris and Joseph to NC; he is the oldest son of some homeschooling friends of ours who could be an extra pair of hands and keep Chris and Joseph company; wisdom from the Lord if we should go ahead with this

Thank you so much for all your encouraging notes already and your fervent prayers these next 24 hours!

God is good…all the time,
Tracy, for Chris and the Klickaclan


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