by tklicka on July 21, 2009

Dear praying friends,

After Chris’ initial diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis in 1994, we embarked on a journey to discover all the options we had for treating the MS. Our research in traditional medicine was not greatly encouraging, but we were open to using medication if that looked like our best option.

After 4 mos. of intensive research, we didn’t see a high efficacy rate among current medications for treating MS, but we did see a pattern of help for people who were actively building the immune system through various means, but almost exclusively non-traditional ones. These non-traditional methods, called complimentary medicine or alternative medicine, help the body by strengthening the immune system, have less negative side effects, and don’t just treat symptoms, but work to deal with root causes whenever possible.


For those who are not aware of Chris’ treatment regimen over the years, it has involved the use of many supplements (including Barley Green, protein and whole food powders like Reliv), phyto and glyco-nutrients (like Mannatech), juices (both from fresh juicing at home and bottled like Noni).

In addition, Chris has been on several diets, including the Hallelujah Acres, Food Combining, Maker’s and Swank Diets.

He takes many supplements from Vits. D and B-12 shots, to fish oils, and good bacteria (and about 20 others). He has even utilized some less common therapies, such as laser therapy, the Prokarin patch and bee sting therapy.

He has had his amalgam fillings removed, “swims” in a therapy pool regularly for exercise, and uses a home HBOT chamber. Finally, he has been seeing a wonderful chiropractor for over 20 years!

All this to say, and we thank all the kind folks who have been sharing with us ideas for helping his MS, that he HAS done many, many things over the years (in addition to trying some medications). We know that God can use anything to help Chris, and HAS used several things, we firmly believe, to keep him going for 15 yrs. now.


We also know that unless the Lord builds the house (our bodies are a temple) they labor in vain who build it. In other words, unless the Lord blesses the efforts we have taken to fight the MS, it is all in vain.

It is assuring for us to know that sickness is a by-product of living in a fallen world, and the healing is assured for those who are in Christ Jesus, either in this life or one day when we will be rejoicing at His side in heaven!

May all those who suffer from phsical injury or sickness look to your Creator God, and not only cry out to Him for healing from His hand, but that He would bring healing to your soul, and forgiveness of sin in Christ Jesus if you do not know Him as your Savior! His arms are open wide!

We love His embrace–“Be near O God, be near O God of us, Your nearness is to us our good!”


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