An Opportunity to Use Film for God’s Glory…

by tklicka on April 25, 2011

Dear friends,

Last year, I shared about how my son John had been given an opportunity to act in film. It wasn’t something we brought about; looking back over the last year and a half, it has all been the Lord, from the beginning to now.

John and I (and all his siblings) have been on this journey with him the past almost two years and we can see God orchestrating all the details and can only stand in awe about how God has worked. John wants to be sold out to the Lord, and desires to bring God glory whether he gets a part in a film or not.

About two weeks ago, John expressed a desire to be in another film. We had agreed early on that we weren’t going to run around trying to get him in a film, but rather, commit our desires to the Lord (Psalm 34) and then ask for His help to trust Him for His good purpose to be fulfilled in John’s life. The Lord has brought every opportunity John has had so far, and can continue to bring the opportunities to audition as He sees fit in His perfect wisdom.

Well, last Friday I was blessed to see my youngest son audition for what will be, I’m sure a powerful and moving film about the life of Josh McDowell. You may know of Josh McDowell for the 120 books he’s written, including Evidence That Demands a Verdict, named one of the 20th century’s top 40 books, as well as More Than a Carpenter, having been published in 85 languages in over 15 million copies worldwide.

This upcoming film will include some of Josh’s years as a child, which John will be portraying. Because Josh had a really broken childhood growing up, the role of Young Josh will be quite challenging, requiring some intense interaction and reaction on the screen. I was really proud of how my 13-yr-old brought some authentic emotion to the scenes he was reading during his audition.

What blessed me even more, however, is how he responded to the audition. He was told there were four boys in the running for the part and he was one of them. As we got into the car to thank the Lord for even the opportunity to audition, John said he had a total peace. “I know that God will only give me what is good, and if playing this role is good for me, then God will let me get the part. I really want to act in this film, but I’m totally content. I really am. If I don’t get the part, I know that is God’s best for me.”

I love seeing John’s young faith burst into 3D reality! God is kind to give me this young man (and all my kids with their faith and trust in God). They encourage me when I can see only waves around me and not see the Lord Jesus. I am so very thankful for them, and God’s goodness in giving me them.

Today we got the call that they decided to give John the role of Young Josh! John was totally surprised he got the role, but had very much been hoping he would.

He is excited about an opportunity next month to act in another film — he LOVES doing this! We are praying together that he would be able to bring authenticity and depth of soul to the character of this broken young boy in the film.

We would be so very grateful for your prayers for the next several weeks, that God would help us work out all the logistical details, help John prepare well for his role, be able to keep up with his other schoolwork, and that he would do AN OUTSTANDING JOB!

May the Lord be glorified in this whole film project as He was last week by John’s tender expression of faith, trust in his Father, and desire to see Him glorified through this audition and now through this film.

May our hearts each aspire to see Christ exalted in our lives in all we do and say…to Him be all the glory, now and forever. God, You are so good!

Thank you for your prayers, and as always, your friendship,

If you’d like to learn more about John’s work in film (resume and photo gallery), please visit–


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